Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm having a visitor

Ooooo I'm having a visitor to my wonderful blog. She will probably be the only one. Thought I better do a little more embellishment to make it just that bit more interesting. I know she has some wonderful blogs of her own on the web and I don't want to look like an absolute novice. So here are some more of my excellent and interesting photos to amaze her.What is it? This is my kitchen sink. I was doing some dishes and I thought it looked really great so I took a photo of it. Don't the soap suds look good alongside the little bowl? It sort of looks like a separated egg doesn't it.

Art photography doesn't get any better than this does it?

Recently my girlfriend and I stayed at the famous Sebel in Melbourne CBD. It's a luxury and classy place and so I took this photo. We have the crochet at the ready alongside the Champagne of course. It was an exciting night I can tell you!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time saver

Write it don't type it. Oh no I just typed it!!!
Focus. Don't get distracted. Oh no I'm distracted!!!!
Be productive. Oh no this is unproductive!!!
Avoid addiction. Oh no I love what this machine does and not all of it is productive!!!

PC's are not time savers they are time wasters.

Anyway I am happy wasting time- nothing else to do.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to appear intelligent

In the quest to appear bright I have learned the tricks . I'm a slow learner however so I can only pass them on to you in the hope that it's not too late for you. It is for me. I have already blown my cover in the attempt of hiding my stupidity. I've made too much noise and been too open minded in the past and these are real giveaways to one being fairly average intelligence wise.

My theory to looking bright goes like this:

We have 2 choices in creating such an illusion.

1. The silent type. A la Chance the Gardener in the film Being There ( Peter Sellers).

2 The person who swims against the tide- A.K.A. The Sceptic.

Just like me- simple isn't it?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Today's entry

I was just trying to think of something funny to write. I couldn't so I won't. In fact I won't write so consider this not written.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

To make my blog more interesting

I think this blog may be a little bit boring so I better brighten it up with a photo or two.

Wow! That looks better!!

Here's another one that I got from my mate when he was in India.

This guy is exactly like me. A thinking man.

And here's a beauty from the web.

Well. What can I say?

Whilst I think

When I was young I had hair down to my bum. Now I am old I am as bald as a bat. Well not truly hairless. The hair that I have left is in a very unsatisfactory place on my head. The male pattern baldness look is not appealing. So stuff it all! It can all come off! I have been shaving every little particle of the once loved dead cells off my cranium for several years now. It is a daily tedious chore.

Those remaining little blighters poke their heads up every day and I mow 'em down. They are simply insulting me with their persistence.

So what has this to do with thinking? Well here it is. Whilst I am waiting for all the answers to everything to come to me I gotta spend my time doing something that requires some thought. Attacking the eradication of these annoying hairs really is an excellent way of using my thought in a positive way. It is just as tedious and repetitive as most anything else in the daily humdrum. And since the big answers don't seem to come no matter how much I try for them, well shaving will just have to do. One must take pleasure in the small things and everytime I knock the head off one of those intrusive hairs I feel great satisfaction. And when I rub my hand over my smooth head I am well pleased. There is only one other smooth head that gives me greater pleasure and I ain't going into that here.

Who needs answers to the unanswerable?
I have serious work to do.
So why do I keep thinking about the unanswerable?

Friday, August 15, 2008


I , I, I, I,I,------------I-I-IIIIIIIIIIIIII. The most used object of communication. We are so filled with I. All we want to know about is I and all we want to do is force our I on others. I am. I think therefore I am. I am over the I but I can't really get rid of the I until I am dead. Anyway all this blog is about is I. This is all any blog is about. Even if it states it is about some charitable organization doing wonderful self less things for the world- it is still about the I. Because as soon as one communicates it is about the I. The action itself is about the I. Some person needs to communicate because he or she has seen the need to do so. It is, in itself, a personal action done for the purpose of the I. The need to express is strictly a need based in the self. Silence is difficult if not impossible.

All I have said so far is rudimentary.

So this is a thought. An unanswerable and useless thought it is too because it does not resolve anything. It has no conclusion. It neither adds nor subtracts from the knowledge already possessed by the unfortunate reader of such a written nothing. And it is all about me. It is the written statement of a man who is over thinking from overthinking for his whole life. It is written because I see some need to let it out. But here's one to spin you round- I probably have a condition called hypergraphia . Poor you for reading it. My mother said to me when I was young-" Ignorance is bliss". She is dead now so I know she finally found bliss- maybe afterlife is just a thoughtless existence-----I don't expect to see a corpse suffering burnout, it is already in the ultimate state of burnout at last.

This is silly. But there are those on this media that take their silliness as serious stuff. I read things and think- are they serious? I try to imagine what person would write such things. Why are they so different to me in their ability to see rationally? Or am I irrational in holding their thoughts as absurd. Here we go again. We can go the circle of open mindedness until we go mad. Somehow, we have to draw the line. Call thoughts for what they are. A collection of Electomagnetically induced impulses in the brain. And the whole time they are wrapped up in the mind's I. And in the grand scale a nihilist approach to it all is best. This is the surrender. But we never truly surrender whilst we live. The I will rule while we live. And this my friends is the simplest and only truth.

I I I I I----- to infinity. We are a spiritual being having a physical experience not the other way around. Thank God for that! I hope the soul doesn't have to think.