Saturday, August 23, 2008

Whilst I think

When I was young I had hair down to my bum. Now I am old I am as bald as a bat. Well not truly hairless. The hair that I have left is in a very unsatisfactory place on my head. The male pattern baldness look is not appealing. So stuff it all! It can all come off! I have been shaving every little particle of the once loved dead cells off my cranium for several years now. It is a daily tedious chore.

Those remaining little blighters poke their heads up every day and I mow 'em down. They are simply insulting me with their persistence.

So what has this to do with thinking? Well here it is. Whilst I am waiting for all the answers to everything to come to me I gotta spend my time doing something that requires some thought. Attacking the eradication of these annoying hairs really is an excellent way of using my thought in a positive way. It is just as tedious and repetitive as most anything else in the daily humdrum. And since the big answers don't seem to come no matter how much I try for them, well shaving will just have to do. One must take pleasure in the small things and everytime I knock the head off one of those intrusive hairs I feel great satisfaction. And when I rub my hand over my smooth head I am well pleased. There is only one other smooth head that gives me greater pleasure and I ain't going into that here.

Who needs answers to the unanswerable?
I have serious work to do.
So why do I keep thinking about the unanswerable?

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