Sunday, September 21, 2008

Caught out

I wonder if the boys let out a little swear word or two when the big collider thingy broke again. You know. Things were just starting to go around nicely and suddenly bang it's broken again. And the guys in the white coats staring at the screens in the control room just accept this unemotionally. Or do you reckon they just went " Oh Fuck!!!" Or is that too unscientific?

I got caught out with the fucked word yesterday. I copied a few saved games from an old saves folder on my pc to my girlfriend's pc at her place via a usb stick. Her 8 year old son is playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and wanted to check out my saved games so I brought them down to him.

I booted up the game and lo and behold the name on one of my games was " Fucked". He noticed straight away of course. Boy, was I in trouble.

I'm supposed to be a good influence on the young lad. I had really fucked it up big time.

I asked him politely not to tell his mum or I was in big trouble. But ah no! He just had to blab. Man------- I was so embarrassed.

It was really fucked I tell ya!

Oh fuck! I hope she doesn't read this post. Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!

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