Friday, September 19, 2008

Chicken Little

The sky is falling!!!!
The sky is falling!!!!
Run away!!!!
Run away!!!!

Oh no, it's alright. It's just the stock market crashed and everyone is panicky. My ex wife and her partner are the best people at doom talk. They are big fans of collapse. They look bad,smell bad and dress in rags preparing for it. They are ready to run away and live in a shipping container in the bush My ex has been predicting the end of the world for years now. She left me because the end of the world was coming and she knew I would be useless in such a scenario.

She hooked up with a panicky Israeli guy. She is attracted to panicky guys. They make a great couple of true dedicated doomsayers I tell you. I was lousy at it. I was too pissed all the time and just couldn't work up enough panic for her because of it. They have a real good time together I tell you. Constantly on the lookout for catastrophe can be a fun thing to do. Anything from changes in sunspot activity to the economic climate; all this is their playground to extract fun times together. They run around like chooks with their heads cut off at the slightest sniff of the end. Collapsing economy fits the bill real nice for them I tell you. They are reveling in it. Good times indeed. Bring it on baby!

She just phoned my daughter up at midnight saying that the world economy has collapsed and she better start stockpiling food. That got my daughter panicking for about a half a minute. But then all of her latest suitors came on line all at once begging her to be with each of them. I guess they sniffed that time was short too.

Forget it- there be plenty and abundance in this house I tell you. Well plenty of young men worrying about something far more important than the end of the world.

Maybe the human race is like the poor little lemmings- mating as they fall off the cliff.

I better start fitting out my old chook shed up the back. I may need it to live in when the end comes- won't be able to afford this house.

Who cares. I got some dishes to wash. I'm happy.

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