Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cure for thought


Well you do think---- but only about them and their needs.

This seems too heavy for this blog. But I have stayed at my girlfriend's place last night and she has kids and today is the first day of school holidays and,-------and,--------and,-------Need I say more?

If I had hair it would be fully standing on end right now.

So finally I have rediscovered the cure for overthinking the trivia of life. Be a parent.

Ain't got time for the shit I think about when you're a parent.

Kids! Your best distraction.

Problem is you then overthink their trivia and not your own. I guess its better than being selfish.

At this stage of my life I have to say- I like selfish. Sorry 'bout that!

Now back to the all important - --------

Uh- Oh!!!

The cat vomited in the kitchen!

Now that's what you call poetic justice for daring to have such thoughts.

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