Friday, September 5, 2008

Give us this day

Our daily bread. Forget it. Have you bought your electronics today?

That camera you bought in 2003--well it's only 4 megapixel--you need 10 now don't you? The camera works perfectly well but let's face the fact. 10 is a lot more than 4. You can't see the difference in the photos given all these extra pixels but it is a lot better believe me. You can feel it. Because 10 as you know is better than 4.

And this old PC I work on. Well it's 5 years old. It's time to get another one and it has to have the latest operating system on it as well. XP is old- Vista is new. I know that the Quad core jobby with the Vista OS doesn't do anything that I can't already do and the gains from more advanced hardware are lost to software bloat and the fact that Vista lames out the PC in the first place. But that is no excuse- the numbers say it is time to upgrade.

I was born in 1952. God help me I am old hardware. I gotta upgrade. Time to plug in my brain to a new electronic gadget. It keeps me feeling young.

So I'm off to the shopping centre to drool over the latest stuff. I will feel young in the process. And I get to perve on all those Paris Hilton clones whilst I'm there. There are hundreds of them and they all exist in shopping centres! Why I will never know they look as artificial as the electronics I seek. But I dream about how they used to turn me on in the past. I forget who young women used to fashion themselves on then but I know it was like a Paris Hilton person. But now I am just a relic from the 70's.

A phantom who feels young in mind by the consumption of electronics.

Give us this day our daily bytes and forgive us our perving on young women in the shopping centre as we forgive those who don't look our way- I think that's the new Lord's Prayer.

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