Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hanging out the washing

It has been raining here for the past month. But we are in a severe drought. What the ---???

Today whilst I hung out the washing I had a thought. Surprise surprise!

This garden was growing before I bought this place some 26 years ago. In fact it has been here for over a hundred years. It has seen many owners and their families mine included.

However in my small life here over the past quarter century it has witnessed me growing old. It looks far better than I do. It is tall and majestic. It is growing skyward whilst I stoop over. There must be a message in that. Must remember to buy some fertilizer. Might buy a bit for myself at the same time. It might straighten me up.

And as I hung out the washing ( another really persistent and enjoyable piece of drudgery)- I remembered- I used to hang out ladies stuff on the line. Skimpy little things that they were too.

I knew I was married then because I used to have female items to hang out. Well that and having to put the rubbish out which is a real man's job. This was one of the only ways I knew I was married much of the time if you gather my meaning. Although I did feel sort of honored in being allowed to hang out her stuff. Like I was the special one in her life because of that. Now I looked at the clothes on the line and I noticed that it was just manly things there. So being pretty bright I realized that I'm not married now. Funny how things like that can rise up to remind us of our position in life.

Then I got to some really deep thinking. Prepare for it------------------------------

I thought; I need new pegs. These ones were starting to fall apart from being on the line for a number of years through all the, drought! ( yeah right). Bloody drought they reckon and the ground is totally soggy. Anyway, wooden pegs do that. So do we.

Sometimes I just feel like one of those wooden pegs- worn out and breaking down. Broken and no longer functional so discarded on the soggy ground that's how I feel sometimes in a youth obsessed World. Maybe if I learn to insert "like" and "totally" into every utterance I make I will be seen as like totally young again. No. Like that will never happen. I am totally stooped over. Can't like hide it- I'm getting like totally old.

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