Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I don't know you but I love you

My daughter is pretty. She is 24. She is single. In mating terms she is prime real estate.

Enough said.

When I was a kid I used to love to fish. I have clear memory of those times when I went to the lakes area of Victoria an area that is abundant with fish- or used to be- they have stuffed it now of course. Anyway, I would drop my baited hook into the water and up would come an absolute cloud of small fry fish. Millions of them trying to get the bait. It was a real hassle because you just couldn't get your bait to the bottom where the big fish were. They were all nibbling away or just getting in the way of the bait sinking down to the desired depth. I spent my time re-baiting rather than actually fishing.

This is the same scenario of what is going on with my daughter when she is on the internet on some of these social sites.

There are millions of hungry men ( and boys) waiting hungrily to swoop on the girl as soon as she is spotted. Never have I seen such a feeding frenzy. It makes those fish look well fed and disinterested in my tasty offering when I was fishing all those years ago.

The internet makes it so that young men no longer need to fill themselves with booze in order to get the courage to approach pretty women such as my daughter. They have no ego to protect because it is all a fake synthetic environment- it is a world of unreality where one can be as one wishes with no repercussions.

In this fabulous world of total freedom people can express themselves freely. And of course with all that freedom comes the ability to say as you wish- to have the greatest impact you can possibly have- in order to stand out from the crowd.

I have to wonder at these young hungry men.

I imagine them there sitting on their tabbed browser. One tab has the free porno flick running at one corner of their screen. Several chatrooms and various social sites are running simultaneously. It is a very busy screen indeed. Neither the pub nor the club but the computer area in the house is the busiest of all areas for young men on the prowl for women these days.

Busy also are their hands which are frantically clicking and typing in a sweaty frenzy only leaving this task to occasionally relieve their insatiable erection's need for contact.Oh no! I'm not going to go there!You get the drift! What an image!!! They are so hungry- like those little fish.

My daughter has about 150 messages to answer at any given moment. The only break from the constant stream of young males is the occasional lesbian woman. And all these are from all over the world. So there is no real hope for many of these suitors of an actual hook up- but they still try.

For all this flurry of activity the common goal is of course reproduction. What a powerful urge it is- it is the true natural imperative. When you observe nature such as the actions of young men ( and little fish), one is awe struck. Now I know older blokes like myself were exactly the same in " Our Day" in our way of that time. I remember church was good for me.

What a sad thing to say. " In Our Day"

I gotta say (mainly to myself for some comfort): I like it that I have filled the youthful imperatives . I am past the "game". It is not so desperate now. Which is just as well. I have peace now. I am one of those big fish at the bottom. The only people who visit my various presences on the internet are men my age (looking for comfort), lonely women who are somewhat lacking in the appeal of youthful appearance and the occasional young man who clicked the wrong button in his highly agitated state and stumbled into my nether world by mistake.

I love you.

This is the one liner that arrives in profusion at my daughter's inbox and I know what inbox is on the mind of the sender. Love has nothing to do with it. Poor little fellows. Are they having a good time or are they simply lost in it?

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