Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I had it right

I finally got it right. I no longer drink or smoke. Haven't smoked for 10 years and haven't touched a drop for nearly 3. I am so proud of myself for getting addicted in the first place and then for beating the addiction. You have to bang your head against a brick wall in order to feel really good when you finally stop.

But wait!

In the Age newspaper today: DRINKING can be good for your heart — but you have to be a lazy smoker with an aversion to fruit and vegetables to reap the full benefits.

Oh my God! I've made a terrible mistake!

I will work at getting back to my perfect state of health again by immediately heading down the pub with a packet of smokes. But wait you can't smoke in pubs anymore. You've gotta be able to do both at once so I will pick up a slab and come home and fill the house with that wonderful stinking tobacco smoke.

I can hardly wait.

Life is going to be so good again.

I've been living so horribly these past years.

Trying to be so good is really really hard.

I really want to be naughty but I thought it was bad for you.

I was just one big scaredy cat.

Hang on----------------------------------------

I'm a pensioner now. Haven't got too much money. When I sm0ked I used to go through 3 pouches of rolly tobacco per week - these days that would be a fortune. And I used to drink about 2 slabs a week. Goodness that would be $90 per week alone.

Just like I always thought. ---------------

You gotta be wealthy to be healthy.

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