Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is Spore gonna bore

I used to be a games addict. I was one of the first to own a Commodore 64 back in the 80's.

I am an addict no more.

I held on through the early noughties for some new type of genre in games to emerge but it didn't happen.

Now I am what is to be known as a "casual" gamer as opposed to "hardcore" which is really addict.

We've all gotta sample the pleasures of the flesh don't we and we risk addiction because it feels so good. Flesh feels good.

I do keep up with the news on games however.

The latest is the most publicized title in history- Spore.

I rushed out and bought the Sims 2 and gave it away because after you have stripped off the characters and done woo hoo it is all pointless. I even tried to make my own life in it with friends as support characters- it was a lack lustre experience which was a true and genuine simulation of my real life at the time. That hurt. So I gave the game away to my teenage nieces. Girls this age seemed to really like it. Say's something about their state of mind and I won't say anything on that for fear of offending.

Now this latest one by the same genius is about playing at being God. Sounds appealing enough. Until you realize all you are doing is creating the mundane that looks wildly different. But its still mundane. And I have given away the secret in these blogs. You simply can't do better than have a life of enjoying doing tedious things and resting from that by doing crochet. Why waste your time looking at a small screen watching it do exactly the same.

It's sort of like watching porn instead of actually doing it.

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