Monday, September 1, 2008

Large Hadron Collider no removing pilling on clothes

I have discovered the way to bring clothes such as Tracky pants and Windcheaters and sox back to near new appearance. You know the problem one has with items such as these. Pills and pet fur build up so that you look disgusting when going out in public. You stand under those bright shop lights and the look of your top is, well poverty person plus.

So rather than restrict these worn items to knocking about at home here is a way to restore them to their near new state ( I estimate it as about 85% of new)

No single device will do it so here is your equipment list:

Metal Fabric Comb
Masking Tape
Lint Shaver
Magic brush ( The one with the flip head and some kind of reddish fabric that brushes one way and picks stuff up off the fabric)

Place your item of clothing on an ironing board and make sure you have plenty of light on the subject.
Wear your glasses if you need them.
Look closely at the fabric and don't scan across its surface with your eye. Look fiercely and intently at the crap stuck to it not at the fabric itself. I know this sounds odd but if you are like me you tend to scan across things ignoring the superfluous stuff like lint.

Now that you see the targets stay focused on them. Click your fingers and they are gone. Put away all the items that you collected for the job and go buy some new clothes.

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jmail665 said...

Hey Pete, Good to see you are over thinking on important lint related issues. Did you know Dr Karl from JJJ did a research paper on why belly button lint is always blue.

You can tell the cut of a man by the way he looks after his trackies!

Riley XXXX