Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Living in contradiction

I swear I am a split personality. No sooner have I said something about something than I find in the next moment I'm totally saying the opposite.

I think life is set up to make us go this way. One minute you're arguing black is white and the next white is black. It's a real bastard. There is a destiny switch. I know it. It's like a toggle and it constantly flips from one pole to the other .

In conversation I find no sooner have I vanquished yet another weak opponent who dared to disagree with my brilliant point of view when along comes another one. And in order to win the debate I am compelled to take the absolute opposing view to the one I just held so strongly.

What a waste of time. Much like I do here. I waste so much time in all matters. But what else are we to do with time?

I have to sit back in awe at those people around me, and they know who they are, who try and be so productive with their time. How many times do I get asked by those poor unfortunate checkout people at the register: " Are you having a busy day?" When I answer no they look at me in disgust. I am so contradictory I can't even get my shit together enough to have a busy day. What a loser I am!

At least I can crawl back home with my tail between my legs and switch on the PC, surf the Net, turn on the Foxtel tune in to the mindless crap they deal up, put on my MP3 player, sit the dog or cat or both on my lap at the one time, pick up a crochet hook and yarn and crochet----- all this I can do from a seated position and all at once.

Now that's what I call a busy day. And on top of contradicting myself the whole time---well I am a very busy boy!!!

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