Thursday, September 18, 2008

More pollution

Yes fans, it's time for me to subject you to my wonderful thoughts yet again. Stop reading now if you wish. You know it's all very pointless. As was indicated by my previous piece of enlightenment some minutes ago- not much goes on here.

What still with me? You must be as bored as I.

I got to thinking about our favourite subject again today. No not sex- dishwashing.

And I thought about how when I was a kid dishes simply didn't need to be washed. It was a process that was out of my reality. My meals simply appeared on plates and I didn't know whether they were clean or not because they were covered with my food at the time. I presumed that they were just there on demand all the time and at any given moment. I must not have noticed my poor mother always at the kitchen sink. I was in a pure state of oblivion. I had no pity for her poor lady. For God's sake I didn't even comprehend the perpetual nature of dishwashing.

As I progressed through life dishes became more important and mainstream. So much so that now they are somewhat my everything. You see I have a daughter. And she lives here with me and she is 24 but she still doesn't see that there is a thing called dishwashing and that it is relentless and that it is all consuming in our lives. Because you see, she never does the dishes. Yes I know it's hard to believe; but my 24 year old daughter never wants or even notices that there are dishes that need to be washed. So isn't that just amazing? How two adults living under the same roof can have such a different perception of reality.

This is really deep philosophical stuff. She is very busy at the moment because there are so many suitors in her bedroom, some 200 at present, that she simply can't do the dishes. She has serious work to do. The dishes don't rate and can wait. All those messages and chats and emails have to be answered. I must admit after she finishes eating her meal between busily typing to yet another frantically eager young prospect she does manage sometimes to bring the dirty dishes out to the sink. They never quite get scrapped off, but hey, I understand. And actually getting them into the dishwasher- well impossible of course. It takes time. ( Yes I have a dishwasher - but it is not enough as we all know) She is really busy and I have nothing to do. Do I? Well I might have but there are dishes so of course let's get the priorities right.

Anyway, as I said, it is deep philosophical stuff. As we grow older we grow in our understanding of reality. We gain in wisdom. Our perception takes on a spiritual flavour. And I now know that we all get it in the end. We all get it big time............IN THE END!

What do we get?

Payback maybe? My poor deceased mother must look down and laugh when she sees me chained to the sink hour after hour, day after day, year after year.

Reality- dishes
Life- dishes
Afterlife- no dishes
Bring it on- Heaven truly exists.

So what do we get?

We die and there are no more dishes. God wasn't kidding when He said things were gonna get tough for us after Adam stuffed up. Dishes were coming.

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leylani said...

hi Dad,

You put it perfectly. I get the point.From now on dishes come first. I love you dad. you do so much for me lol. hug