Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My History of Tech

Here's my short history on my personal use of technology. Well the true highlights anyway all the rest was just second rate.

1958 The hatchet. I found the small Tommy Hawk Axe to be the best technology of the day. You could use one side for hammering and one side for splitting wood and you could throw it so you could do things from a distance. I spent many pleasant hours whacking things with it until I made something. One day I was splitting wood with it for my mum. A splinter speared through my wrist so I lost my fascination with hatchets.

1965. The slingshot. This was a fun little make it yourself piece of tech. I would fashion the body from wire and use those big fat rubber bands for the sling with the tongue of an old shoe used for the ammo pouch. I could launch just about anything great distances with it and I was a fairly accurate shot. I even used to launch fireworks like Penny Bangers ( little sticks of dynamite). The neighbourhood was terrorized by my hobby of using it to lob crackers on their roofs at night . All went well until I got caught. End of the slingshot.

1983. The computer. Yeah I don't really have much to say about this thing. It does just about everything in the world that is fun and that I want to do but it really does absolutely nothing. My life would be so much more productive if I didn't have an addiction to this bloody tech.

All this amazing tech was soon to pale into insignificance--------------------------

2004 The Crochet Hook. Oh wow. This is the best of the best. All that came before it meant nothing. It is singularly the most ingenious tool of all time. When one suffers follicular challenge the use of a crochet hook is a God send. I have a fine selection of hats to choose from because I have a crochet hook. My bald head can take on any colour I wish.

Shut out the troubles of the world and crochet. Stop taking those pills and be happy with two items- yarn and a hook. And have a warm head in Winter and no sunburn in Summer.

Peace in a stick!

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