Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A new solution to an old problem

Here at overthinking I try to bring you the latest in deep thinking. You know, stuff that can help you to overcome the shit that happens to you on a daily basis. Yeah. I'm just such a caring sort of person and this is why I do such a magnanimous thing. So continuing in this helpful opus I give you my latest solution to an age old problem.

How many times have you awoken and gone to make a cuppa and toast for breakfast only to notice that there are strange scratch marks on the butter that you inadvertently left on the kitchen table the night before?

You look to the cat . And he has a really happy but guilty look on his face. Yep! He's been licking the exposed butter all bloody night!

Here's my solution guys:

The Moo Cow Butter Dish and the Culprit

You can see he's trying to think of his own solution in this one

Yep! I was in the right place at the right time. $6. What a grand solution! And I just love Moo Cows and the butter they provide too. A perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality.

These are wonderful times that we live in aren't they?

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