Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Polishing the gem

I was looking at my cat this morning and thinking what a beautiful looking animal it is. It meowed at me with equal admiration and I hope it was thinking how beautiful I looked also. So of course it was pat and rub time. I pat him and he rubs up against me.

Then I started thinking ( it always happens this way- something small then something big - bit like sex eh?)

If we don't do the same with our partners, they are not like cats- they will leave. Unlike cats they won't hang around forever simply for the tucker we provide. If we don't polish the gem they will stop shining for us. They will leave.

It has happened to me several times in my life. The moment you stop with the pampering of the ego and the trimmings of affection- something fades.

And it's up to us blokes to do it. You can't let down your guard for a moment. A little bit of polish from time to time during the day and that gem will continue to shine. It's funny how so many blokes forget to do just that myself included. And then we go around long- faced wondering how a woman could possibly leave us.

Women are like gems. Polish them every day to keep them at their best.

Oh how we forget so easily to do the little things in our daily lives. The little things stop the big things growing in ways we do not want.

Man, this was a bit too serious for this blog. Forget you ever saw it here.

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billy p said...

Very good point, and nicely put. An apt metaphor, and one many of us would do well to keep in mind. Those of us, that is, that don't want our ladies leaving us.