Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Re-iterating the point

Just in case the reader (someone may stumble upon this waffle) has missed the point of this blog here it is spelled out for you.

In our lives we start off feeling like we have a greatness. We are going to change the World when we are young. It's all in front of us.

Gradually this feeling of achievement is eroded for most of us. The day to day chore retards our forward impetus. Eventually at around age 50 we realize that there simply isn't that much in store for the wonderful me.

We get to the stage when we are over thinking about over thinking our future from over thinking our glorious destiny.

It is then when the little things in life become so important. Yes. We begin to sweat the small stuff. So ends dreams of greatness.

But guess what? It ain't so bad! Small things are so much more interesting when you realize they are right there for you every day of your life. Unlike things like money and fame there is no scarcity of small annoyances in life for anyone to enjoy.

And here is the point. You have to learn to enjoy these little things. Once you see the comedic value of your tiny existence all is revealed. Behind all there is in this life there is a sense of humour. It is not that serious. You can make it serious if you wish. Simply I choose to not do that. This little online diary thingy is my way of fighting back by spreading the word. God is a prankster. Enjoy it all and get over yourself in the meantime.

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