Friday, September 19, 2008

Survived another day

It's a battle to survive. Or, apparently it is so.

After last night's chicken little routine by my ex I awoke this morning to find a world totally as it was the day before with one exception, the stock market rallied and had its biggest rise in 6 years. Well this is a terrible disappointment for some people. Team Doom were getting rather exuberant about the prospect of a global collapse and a 1930's style depression. Their wishes are yet to come true poor things. They will comfort themselves in their confidence that it will happen one day and they will be ready because they will be prepared. And I must agree with them on this.

Everything will collapse one day. Nothing is permanent except possibly dishwashing. So I must keep right on top of it. I would hate to leave this planet contributing to the mess with my dirty dishes left undone. I will keep diligent in this I promise.

As to stockpiling food for the big day as my ex suggested to daughter last night, well, I simply haven't got the money. I have much more electronics to buy yet. I don't want to waste money on food. I want to go down with no dirty dishes and a shitload of the latest tech. That's my dream. And I'm sticking to it. I'm going down happy when it all falls apart. This is unlike those miserable people in their shipping crates in the desert living on their goji berries or whatever. They may be alive but what sort of life?

Blowflies, dust, dried goji berries, no toys --- forget it!!

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