Friday, September 26, 2008

Tailoring thought to fit belief

Here's an important sounding concept; Cognitive dissonance

It's best described by my post of a few days ago when I was showing off my latest hat which I had made.

I had the belief that I looked dorky in it but really I looked fantastic. It's how I got around my belief that I am a dork. When the fact is I am not. I am really very cool as I have observed and discussed in previous posts.

If you are not following the above elucidation then maybe this will help.

This notion came from this source which is a discussion on Slashdot today. It just about says it all.

When it comes to having an opinion or some kind of belief it is best to keep it strictly to oneself. We risk looking absolutely foolish in just about any of our expressed thoughts.

Just look how stupid I look on this useless blog!!!!

The above line is another example of cognitive dissonance. I really know that I am not stupid and that my posts are not stupid because- well---

I'm not stupid! Am I?

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