Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thought in the middle of the night

Every so often I wake up in the middle of the night and have, what seems to be at the time, amazing concepts pop into my head.

This one hot off the press from last night:

I awoke thinking about the word eternity. Then a short while latter I thought about its companion infinity. Two mighty strong words. They are meaningless really because we have no way of understanding the full implications of their meaning.

Infinity is to do with distance without end.

Eternity is to do with time without end.


I kept thinking about them for some time in the darkness. The imagination runs wild at these times and everything seems to take on a grandiose scale of importance. In other words things grow big in the dark and these words represent the biggest in the scale of things. You can understand that I felt some breakthrough was coming. I felt I was about to crack it all. Then I thought of my old physics formula: speed equals distance over time. So I thought what word would be the equivalent for speed in this formula. We have distance and time covered but what word do we have for the maximum speed achievable or never achievable because it is beyond our understanding. I thought and thought but there was none that came to mind.

I have to say that at that time of the night the speed of light seemed pretty slow.

I know I am pretty slow on the uptake. I'm a plodder. I chip away at things rather than race forward in quantum leaps when it comes to thinking things through. Put simply, I'm not gifted- damn it! But it did seem to me that we have a lack of understanding in the basic written word about speed. We really don't know how fast something can go. We are flatworlders in terms of our understanding of speed. We have been fed by all those amazing brains through the centuries that nothing goes faster than the speed of light. Why then do we have a belief that time and distance are limitless whilst how fast something can travel in it is strictly limited? It seems almost like a design flaw. One part of the system can't keep up with the requirements of the rest. Any product designed like this would be flawed. I don't think the universe is flawed do you? I just
don't understand it.

So as I lay there in my warm bed in the dark it came to me. There is a word that we have that we also really don't understand in the least. It is limitless and it is unfathomable. It is love. If we said that speed without end is love what would we get. I will tell you what we would get. A headache. How do we accelerate an object to such unimaginable speed forever to infinity and the result is eternal and infinite love? I think I will just stick to loving the people around me or my dog or something. This is all just crazy thinking in the night! Can't help but itching over this thought though. It feels creepily like there may be some brilliance in it.

Then I realize it came from me- so it's all ill thought stuff- forget it!

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