Monday, September 8, 2008

A wish to be cool

Okay. By now it is apparent that I am a wishful thinker. What wishes do I refer to by this?

Top of the list:

To be cool forever.

Cool is an interesting word. I started to use it when I was about 18 back in 1970. And I have to say the 70's were way cooler than now.-- I get ahead of myself--

Cool, -- what is it?

I don't know but it sounds cool just saying it.

Cool is youth producing. Use it and you drink at the fountain of youth. Even today's insipid youth use it. They haven't got anything of their own so they have been forced to use it. They tried sick as a replacement- but it just sounded, -well ----sick!

What really gets me uncool though is when I see those stinking Apple vs. PC ads. In fact anything apple. As soon as Apple realised that apples are stored in a coolstore they have been using cool to try and gain advantage over all the other geek stuff. They throw cool around like they own it or something.

Firstly, there is nothing cool about a bunch of wires and plastic. Cool used to be reserved to things way beyond mundane items such as electronic gadgets. On top of this anything branded was uncool. We were hippies and didn't wish to be seem as sheep supporting big corporations by wearing brands all over us. It was more to do with true fashion- things like how wide your flairs were or how visible your penis was due to the tightness around the crotch. Or, if there was something on your clothing, it was cool words that you had personally written on it or a bit of braid that you had sewn on yourself when you were mildly sober or straight. This was the true nature of cool.

Anyway in an attempt to maintain my cool I have done the following stuff over my life:

I partied and drank tanks of alcohol over a very long period of time.
I kept my hair in the required fashion at the time and when I lost it I started to shave my head bare
I refused to do a 9 to 5 job for most of my life.
But best of all--- at age 53 I picked up the coolest of all cool skills----------wait for it--------...................................................................................................................

Yeh!!!! That's what I'm talking about when I say coooool!!!

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leylani said...

lol lol lol good one dad your so uncool your cool lol. you forgot to mention the pink crochet hook.:)that really takes it to the next level lol.