Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wouldn't have a clue

Things appear to have gone down the gurgler in America. News is that the Wall Street boys have lost it. They have messed about for quite a number of years now with playing and paying for war and having an idiot for president and such and it seems the party is over.

I started thinking about this money based existence we live in and I came to a rather startling realization- when it comes to all that money-economic -finance stuff, I really wouldn't have a clue.

So here's what a clueless person ( me) concludes about the whole situation with regards to the economic end of the world. I hope it helps to stop the worry over all these troubled times once and for all. All the boys who think they know it all can't seem to stop it so the whole thing is worthless knowledge. It's up to guys like me now so here we go.. It's like something else we know we can't have any control over isn't it? Death. Belief in something like God and an after life helps us to stop worrying about it though. Following on from that I reckon my absurd and baseless formulas for solving the economic woes are just as useful.

Here's my recipe then:

Just breathe through it. Keep going as usual.

And what exactly is usual?

It goes like this:

Sell sell sell and buy buy buy, sell and buy, buy and sell, sell sell buy buy, sell buy buy, buy sell sell, buy buy till you bye bye. This is how the stock exchange really works so if we follow suit something's gotta work in the end. Makes good financial sense doesn't it? Maybe I do know something about economics after all.

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