Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back to reality

I've done all my worrying about the collapse of civilization as we know it so it's happily back to the daily grind.

My daughter continues her avid pursuit of happiness also which lays in the accumulation and screening of men. I happily observe the manoeuvrings with interest. Notice how everything is happy happy now? It is the simple things. I am so upbeat in the face of doom aren't I?

We do learn from our children------

When I was young and in the mating arena I was never interested in the problems of the world. I, like the young of today, was too involved in finding a girl. All the other things in life were a long second to this prime instinct. I see my daughter and her many suitors as a lesson-too-late for me but an interesting lesson nevertheless.

Our life is modified by the thing that is our prime concern at the time. Everything else is a distraction from the main aim. So all our actions have some kind of modification usually to our personality which flows through to our choices in life in all areas from career to how we dress. Wow! Am I deep?

So to close this off- why is it then that some men feign lack of interest in a woman who they find attractive. My daughter has a "cool" bloke in her sights at this very time. He is big with the sparse communication thing or the don't- look- too -excited disguise. Others are like those little fish I posted about some time ago- hungry and in a frenzy for her attention.

It appears we have 2 ways in the hunt then. Passive allowance or forceful aggression. Now the real question is: Are those who go for it big time less egotistic than the cool dude types? Or are they so full of themselves that they are super confidant and therefore bullet proof?

There's something really exciting for me to think about whilst I am out painting the house today. Happy days!

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