Monday, October 13, 2008

Baldness Gene

Man! They find a gene for everything don't they?

I have been blessed with some very bad genes. But they have been put to good use.

The first one is our old friend HLAB 27. Yep!. I'm so lucky. This tricky little fellah gives me that wonderful curved back. The look that I am so obsessed with my feet I can't stop looking at them. The other one is the one which shall remain nameless at this time- but it rids the head of its annoying hair over time. So now I can look at my feet and blind people who look my way from the glare shining off of my shiny scone. All in all it stops any chance of me being voted a middle aged sex symbol.

But I've had my share of good looks. When I had hair I wore it long- very long. People looked at me then and I was often embarrassed. See I have the blushing gene too. Now I have rosey cheeks sort of an exploding- thermometer- red. You get the picture? I look like some bald Santa glowing and hunched. Yep the image just gets better and better don't it?

I'm one lucky fellah. See I reckon the creator has dealt me the nasty ones that only effect the way I look. And luckily my wonderful lady likes the way I look so no problem. So I think the chances of getting all the really nasty ones may be made slim because of this. I know I know! It doesn't follow. But hey! It helps me live happily looking the way I do.

Delusion is a great substitute for prozac. And it's free!

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