Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Black Holes in the home

I have one and I think everyone has one- your own personal black hole right in your own home.

They only need two conditions to exist- the presence of young females and a pair of scissors.

I know it sounds pretty far-fetched but it's true!

These two things create black holes in the home.

And how do I know this?

Well over my years in my home I have had a daughter and many many pairs of scissors. At certain times when I need a pair of scissors they have all mysteriously gone missing.

I keep my pairs of scissors in the same place all the time. I buy scissors in those packets of 5. It's easier that way because I always anticipate that a black hole will form somewhere in my home so one does need many pairs of scissors at any given time just for backup for when one goes in.

I watch my scissors at their special place like a person with OCD. They are always there when I look. They are waiting for my need for them patiently.

But every time I go to get the scissors because I need to open some plastic food parcel and such, They Are Gone!!! They only disappear when you need them and this ties up with the Quantum Physics thing about spooky action at a distance.

The rule is they are there until your consciousness sends out the thought that you need scissors and Poof! They are gone. Just like that!

My girlfriend had the same thing happen to her yesterday whilst I was there so I know this probably happens to everyone.

And the X factor is:

Young females.

Every time I have heard of this type of thing, there is one common condition. The presence of young women.

It must be some kind of psychokinetic thing.

The black hole attracts the scissors to them and they are sucked into another dimension.

Black holes must need scissors in order to survive just like we do.

I wonder if they have young women in the other dimension that keeps losing their scissors for them too? This is probably why they form in our homes- to pinch our scissors.

Anyway I've got another pack of 5 on my shopping list now so better get off and get them.

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