Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Christmas Bonus

Thank you Mr. Rudd

I was very excited by the announcement that we pensioners are getting a Christmas present from our prime minister this year. Maybe $1400. Wow!

What's the catch? None by the looks of it. But we have to guarantee to spend it. That's a big ask. Lots of presents this year. For many pensioners it will be fed into where it is most needed- the Pokie machine.

Yep. I felt pretty good about this economic crisis. I thought it was all doom and gloom but no! It's great! If the good times had just kept rolling on like they were a couple of weeks ago, pensioners would have been struggling. Now it's all good. Just as well there was an economic downturn.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Like I said. Even this life based on doing the dishes and other such mundane tasks all day every day, can be a very rewarding experience. It just depends on how you see things. You simply have to think all bad things are good really and all good things bad. See! Simple! When the shit hits the fan- enjoy wearing it- don't complain.

You know? Being a bottom feeding idiot helps me to cope. So being a bad thing is good. See? Works every time.

Always look at the bright side of life-- de dumb de dumpty dumpty dumb ( Repeat) etc etc.

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