Monday, October 13, 2008

Down among the dumb men

I think there was a song in the 60's entitled "Down among the dead men".

Anyway that's not what this gem of thinking is about.

Firstly welcome back my beautiful Deb. I missed you reading my silly little blog. I will never insult you again with thoughtless utterances on this blog. I'm a naughty boy as you know and sometimes I just get carried away with showing how naughty I am. I can hardly (emphasis on hardly) wait for my spanking.

Now back to it:

I have recently joined up with the Business Spectator. Yes! It is free, yet it is to do with watching business and it is bloody great. Can you believe it? Free and

Now, be warned. I am known for drawing the totally wrong conclusion from all data I observe. You may have noticed this by now if you have been stupid enough to read this crap here. So now I will be sprouting all kinds of badly drawn and irrelevant conclusions spawned from my reading the reports authored by the illustrious economists who operate the site.

Oh you lucky readers!!!!

Give up now- go wash some dishes! Do something useful. Don't let me waste your time.

Time is precious. It's all I have! So it must be.

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