Friday, October 31, 2008

Falling falling falling

Dam levels are falling, value of the Aussie Dollar is falling, housing sales are falling, consumer confidence is falling.

I'm up on ladders painting the house and I hope I don't add to all the things that are falling.

I can't remember when the media had this much fun in the past. They absolutely revel in misery or at least the opportunity to spread the thought of it. They even make it difficult for a person such as I who loves being optimistic to stay so. Sometimes I feel like a Peter Pan in trying to stay young and also in holding my happy thought so that I am able to maintain attempted humour in my posts here.

Things are so stuffed up in so many areas at this time that I guess we have to laugh. Our worst nightmares seem to have a real chance of coming true. We have a choice. Feel the fear- which I suppose is the popular response for rational people - or laugh that everything could have gone so wrong.

I prefer the latter response because I am unreasonable. I wouldn't know if my arse was on fire really. Call me stupid- I do! But hey! Stuff it! It will be all over for me in a short while. I'm getting on. I will be leaving all those worries behind. Till then, as long as I have my health, someone to love and someone to love me and not being tortured by soldiers of an invading force- then, all is good.

even if all goes belly up and we end in misery and depression with a planet that can no longer support us---- you know it----- there will be dirty dishes to wash!

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