Thursday, October 2, 2008

I must comment on this

In today's Age newspaper:

What men and women want: Australian Happiness Index

  • October 2, 2008 - 8:32AM

Australian men are happiest when they are having sex or surfing the net, but women prefer to get their endorphins racing by having meals with friends and petting their pooches, according to the 2008 Australian Happiness Index.

Rest, relaxation and entertainment topped the list for both men and women in the index, with quality time with your partner also making the top four for each sex.

But that's where the similarities end.

Sex ranks as a top five activity to make men happy and surfing the internet tops even that at number three.

Sex and the internet were also top 10 choices for women to make them happy, but enjoying a family meal and playing with pets or children ranked much higher.

Eating comfort food scored in the top 10 for both sexes, but the more discerning men questioned said they preferred great food and wine or drinking with friends to reaching for the chocolate.

Despite urban myths to the contrary, shopping does not make all women happy - only 30 per cent were happiest when shopping for new clothes, shoes or accessories.

It may come as little surprise that just 14 per cent of men were happiest when shopping.

One in two women said reading a good book made them happy whereas less than one in three men said the same, and 36 per cent of generous-natured women said buying gifts made them feel joyful, compared to a miserly 19 per cent of men.

The index was compiled by marketing consultants The Leading Edge who spoke to more than 8,500 Australians aged between 18 and 64.

"Australians are made happy on a week-to-week basis, not by possessions and achievements, but by entertaining experiences and by meaningful interactions with others," The Leading Edge managing director Karen Phillips said.

The index has been designed as a marketing tool to give businesses a better picture of their target customers.




Here on this blog I have been trying to exercise my sense of the absurd. But this article outdoes my feeble efforts on all levels- well, not so much the article more the survey results and the journo who actually puts it up as valid news.

Everyone knows that spending money is easily the most popular way to make yourself happy. This survey is so obviously flawed.

According to the article men are such gorillas aren't they? And women are so noble by comparison.

They are all virgins you know. Pure as the driven snow!

All this article shows is that fibbing is the favoured pastime for most people or, equally, deluding themselves. In the end that is what happiness actually is; delusion.

I love being a delusional fool. As my mum used to say, ignorance is bliss.

Anyway sex sells as we already knew and the most popular place at the shopping centres should be the bookshops. All the women should be in there and the guys are in there because all the women are in there. Funny though, I always observe hordes of women in the cheap fashion shops and the guys are in the electronics stores.

No wonder Wall Street is in trouble. Business simply doesn't have a clue on what we want to make us happy.

Life without fear of some horrible end looming all the time and a healthy planet that can sustain it would be a good start.

Happiness must be a very fleeting thing. We men can't have sex 24/7 more like, 7 minutes if we think about the latest tax rulings whilst doing it, then what , surf the net for porn trying to get worked up again? Based on that, I reckon it seems more of an anxiety based pastime than a happy one. We may be like the male Australian Brown Antechinus - they root till they die from exhaustion.

But it would be a happy death.


Ron Ando said...

I’m happy being sad
The sad are just not being happy
I’m happy the stock market’s collapsed
It just wasn’t being happy
Greed is never happy
Always wanting more
More hoarding at the expense of other blighters
The fantasy of being happy
The fantasy has been pricked
Leaving the happy sad
And the sad happy
I’m happy growing old and decrepit
I’m happy seeing the young get old
Urghhh! Gravity knows no mercy you know
I’m happy the world’s coming to an end
I’m happy believing in the prophets’ doom
Bugger me I’m happy
Opps,! Inner happiness released
I’m happy to have lost my limbs
I’m happy being a torso
I’m happy to be typing this happiness with my tongue
I’m happy to be propped up with metal rods
Man, am I happy
I’m happy having sex
My partner props me up
Especially the appendage
That makes us both happy
Torso in swimming pool good for swimming practice
Confucius say
Now, let’s get these flippers on
Torso sinking to bottom always happy
Confucius again
Cripes he’s confusing
Shit, now my heads fallen off
Oh well, I’ll keep breathing and see what happens
It’s been half an hour now
Probably explains this vantage from the clouds I have
Okay, I’m dead
But at least I’m happy
See you later suckers!
Sucker not know he’s happy
Guess who?
By: Happy torso from Happy Haven

Peter D said...

Ron, you're just like me- you take forever to say nothing- congratulations I thought I was the only one