Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Overthinking in warp drive

All this economic stuff has me well and truly buzzing with thoughts of doom and gloom.

Thoughts like: How am I going to afford dishwashing liquid now ?
Just when I need new pegs- the money dries up. And all these worrying types of thoughts.

But i notice also that it's yo-yo time. One minute up next minute down. Stocks arising then stocks a falling. Record levels up record levels down. I would like to know when to stop worrying but no-one appears to have the answer.

Because no-one has the answer to this question: What is money? I can't answer that of course because I've never really had much of the stuff. Artists, in financial terms, are all show and no go and probably the same in pretty much everything else in their lives too.

But for Mr. wage earner the answer to this question is that it used to be the pretty coloured paper and shiny metal disks he was given after doing some meaningless thing another person wanted him to do for a week. This thing he does is also probably not what the earner would choose to do in a week of his life if he didn't want these bits of paper. These days the bits of paper start as a number that only appears on a slip of paper his paymaster gives him. This number which is a number to two decimal places with a $ sign in front of it somehow ends up in a place where he thinks it will safely stay and be cared for by people who know all about money. This place is called the bank and it is the thing that is now not safe for some reason. He can then put a plastic card in some kind of bank machine and get out the coloured paper which is magically created by the machine. Only then does he see money for what it is. Nothing actually but paper yet something people want really really badly. They will give him anything providing he has enough of these bits of paper so that the person with the stuff he would like to have believes that he can swap the papers for the item in question.


Isn't that simple. You can now see that I am actually a really good writer can't you? And in the process I just worked out what money is.

Here in 2008 we are still doing very simple things in our life. Everything when boiled down to it is made of coloured paper. The only time that this paper becomes useless to us is when we die. And no amount of the coloured paper is going to stop this from happening to us. So in the end it is useless. But whilst we are alive it is the one thing that dictates how our life will go. This really does sound strange doesn't it.

I see however that it is the thing that stops us from simply killing each other in competition over food and such- it keeps us civilized- though it doesn't really do that neither does it?

God I'm mixed up! What is money again?

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