Sunday, October 19, 2008




Wait for it-----

Worry!!!----- You idiot!!!----- Worry!

No. Hang on. It's okay. Just keep spending and it will be okay. No wait.

You better sell up now. It's all going to hell. We're trying to hold it all together but it's all going down---- no ---- nooo------it's all right again. It's calming down today.

Phew. I thought it was all going to crash- but no it was just looking bad at the time that's all.

No!! Here it goes again; there's no stopping it this time: it's all going to hell big time---


Dramatic isn't it?

The above is my interpretation of the 60 Minutes segment on the economy tonight - the segment preceding it was an very interesting look at the Great White Shark. Do you think they programmed this deliberately or was it just co-incidence?

Boy! They know how to terrify!

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