Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I escaped for a moment from my game. My addiction is really bad. I thought I had defeated it. I have overcome smokes and beer in my past but not the addiction to games. It lasted through the whole give up thing. The only reason that I thought I had overcome this addiction is because no-one had made an addictive game for quite a long while. Do not , I repeat, do not get World of Goo! If you do your life is over until you have finished all levels and that will take some time because you will want to keep repeating the same levels because there are so many ways to solve the puzzles.

If you want a food equivalent to this game think Pods or Cashew nuts.

Anyway I'm back on deck for the moment.

Rumination is covered in this article.

I must say that I don't agree with the bit that says women mainly ruminate. Crap! I know plenty of guys of all ages who ruminate and no it's not that I'm mixing it up with that other word that ends in ate.

Rumination has brought much of the society to ruination in my humble opinion. We have been bogged down by chewing the same chaff over and over for centuries. We think it's all so new now. No it's not. Buried under all the modern notions is some person's rules fostered by rumination.

this is why I crochet and enjoy doing the dishes. At least something gets done whilst I ruminate. Better than just ruminating. God how many words do we have in the English language that mean exactly the same thing. Somebody ought to ruminate on our dictionary and jettison the cruft.

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