Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Any reader of my humble posts here may notice that all of my writings share a common thread. They have a less than serious nature.

For many years being serious was a bad habit I possessed. I picked it up from others over my life.

Being serious is infectious.

I abandoned this trait some years ago. I did this when I realized that every time I became serious about something it appeared to go totally belly up shortly after. See I have observed that order would rather go to chaos. But in this chaos is perfect order as I will demonstrate later. The hard work we perceive we must do to maintain order in our lives is really a matter of holding back the tide. This is what my thing about dishwashing is all about for instance. The task of keeping order is relentless. It is so relentless that it is hilarious.

If I were to draw an allegory to clarify my meaning here it would be this:

The life we have is like a hedge. The serious lofty efforts we make in trying to raise above the box formed by the hedge are like those runaway growths. They must be cut back. A nicely shaped box hedge is much better than an unkept scraggly one after all. So the creator or whatever seems to have put a nice leveler in place. Now, by dropping off all those notions of grandiose ambition I held in the past I always fit into that nicely kept hedge. I clip those runaway upstarts as soon as they appear. Nothing like a bit of pruning to keep order in the garden I always say.

Also, being serious about oneself fits into the orderly life box and is firmly tied up with the person who refuses to be embarrassed about themselves. Serious people avoid embarrassment by keeping things within acceptable parameters. Silliness is to be avoided of course. That blush you get after it has been shown that you are capable of taking things too lightly is a dead giveaway that you've been caught out not being serious enough. You then have to seriously pull your act together to show that you are a serious thus orderly and in control person.

I sort of stumbled upon this secret. Since my blood pressure medication makes me blush and therefore look perpetually embarrassed I have no need for being serious anymore. So I am not serious now and the funny thing is everything seems to run smoothly when once it really didn't.

It's pretty fucked up here on planet Earth when the person who tries really hard gets screwed over and the person who has dropped the bundle skates through smoothly. So it is probably best to just laugh your way through it all. It's all over in a fairly short duration of time and you can't be too serious when you know you end up dead- seriously dead- anyway.

I have broken through the illusion and I know the tricks. You've got it now too. Good luck with it all.

Fooled ya!!! Surely you didn't think I was serious?

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