Thursday, October 9, 2008

Small things

Recently I upset my special person by mentioning in a post (which I have now removed) that the sight of certain large objects imbued happiness.

This got me to thinking about another famous saying my mother had:

Small things amuse small minds.

I guess conversely big things amuse big minds but of course we know this isn't true or all readers of girlie mags would be absolute geniuses- and I suppose some maybe are but all of them?- no way! And the majority? --draw your own conclusions.

My blog here sits in the former of course.

Anyway this morning I noted that famous Steve Jobs has won his nine year battle to hold a patent on the Dock on the Mac operating system.

Boy- you can make a fortune out of small things can't you?

I have to say- the whole Apple thing is based on making huge amounts off of small things. Eye candy is very small unimportant stuff in real terms but they blow it up to must- have proportions.
The Apple product design criteria appears to be

1.You are an idiot more interested in how something looks rather than what it does.

2.You are scared of complex things and need have no idea of our magnificent machine's inner workings and we can hide it with pretty stuff so you feel more at ease.

3.The majority of tasks on our magnificent machine performed by the majority of idiots (and yes the majority are idiots) are in fact basically at best pointless such that they really don't need to be done in the first place.

4.But, wow! You can look pretty damn good while your doing it. So you may as well look good . Because you can!

For instance; I typed all this stuff on my XP PC. It is pointless and useless and I don't even look good whilst I do it on my boring beige setup. I don't even have a Dock on my screen. What an absolute loser!!!!

I can imagine all those brandophrenic sMACheads squirming at what I have written here. They must justify their premium spent hard-won earnings. Being sucked in is the ultimate embarrassment as we know. Quality (eg. Mac vs PC) is always money well spent isn't it? Pay that extra- you'll feel so much more intelligent if you do. We know you're not- just gullible is all.

Don't get sucked in!

Sweating the small stuff is what it is all about. Distraction from being actually productive is what it is all about. Playing with toys is what it is all about.

Small things do amuse small minds.

Just look at me! I am amused because I have restricted myself severely to only doing very small things. And yes I have a really small mind and I am thankful for it.

And because in fact we are here for the grand purpose of life which is to live, nothing else really, then we may as well be amused whilst we are doing it. See it sort of all washes down to nothing in the end. I have realized that at the tender age of 56. If you stop pump priming your every moment you end up at rest. Rest is good. But that's subject of another future riveting post.

At least with my other passion, crochet, I end up with a hat at the end of my amusing time with a hook and yarn. But I'll press on here. I'm sure I will say something funny soon. Or maybe not- who cares?

But what do you end up with after a couple of hours on this computer thing? Sore eyes ,cramps in the neck and a fed addiction. That's it. A fed addiction!!!!

But if your on a Mac you also look great whilst you're getting the pain and you've got that marvelous fucking Dock to play with for hours on end. Makes you want to run your cursor over it just thinking about it right now eh? The way it sort of magnifies as you do it- isn't it just so cool? Over and over and over again!

Well it's out to the workshop to look at all my idle tools whilst they rest in their place ( Dock) on the shelves. They look so pretty laying there. I chose all the nice colours. Then I could play Mac Dock by going along the shelf and picking each one up in turn and putting them down again but not actually doing anything by using them.

Over and over and over again. It makes doing nothing so worthwhile.

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