Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Step by step

I really feel like I am getting somewhere in my postings. Possibly I would be the only one. But it is all coming together in my mind believe me. I can feel it.

Whilst the mainstream media has a field day with all this money trouble I have resolutely stayed true to my commitment and that is to the small things.

I know that for most individuals really, the daily life is repetition of small and insignificant things. We think that we mean more than we do.

So many people hold onto the belief that there is a meaning to our existence. They hold that there is a purpose which we don't understand and it will only become clear at some point in their future. And staying with truly rational thought they believe that all will be revealed when there is a post mortem performed on them by the creator.

well, I have to say that I have reached that future point in time. I have discovered the meaning of life.

Here we go again- enlightenment for you yesterday- the meaning of life today.

wait for it:


The answer is the question and the question is the answer.

Isn't that deep?

Go ahead and think about that one--- for the rest of your life.

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