Thursday, October 16, 2008


Here's another little beauty from Alan Kohler from Business Spectator- told you I was going to get some meat from this site:

About 65 per cent of internet traffic is copyright piracy and pornography. Much of the other 35 per cent is just entertainment – YouTube, Facebook – and emails.

What national benefit is there in increasing the speed of piracy, porn, YouTube and emails – and not even by very much?

Certainly it’s hard to see $15 billion worth of benefit

Before the economic collapse this worthless spending was a given- now---well at last. Is this a sign of the end of the exorbitant waste?

Really the old dial-up would do for the real things we need to do on the internet during the day.


What the hell is up with people????

Give me a good crochet site anyday- but I guess I'm just sick!

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