Sunday, October 12, 2008

Try Hard

I am a try hard. I am not really very good at anything much but I try hard.

This blog is an attempt at being a funny smart-arse writer. I know. It fails miserably.

The one thing I forgot about when I started this is that you have to be smart in order to be a smart-arse.

I'm left with just being an arse. Plain and simple.

But I am honest. Unlike those smart arses in Wall street who still try and hold onto the myth that they are smart-arses.

Here's my try-hard attempt at poetry:

Down among the dumb men, there we be.

Down among the dead men, there we will be;


Clever by half but stupid by the score.

Smug in our delusion fed by confusion

Mankind's foolishness comes to the fore.

Means nothing but sounds great!

What a try hard I am!

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