Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's happening in America?

It's a meltdown.

Greedy people have finally finished the cake right off.

Tough times require drastic action so I've been practicing my communication with the spirit new age type of stuff. And it's really working. I have been inspired by Team Doom who I wrote about a few days back. It seems to them that the more you embrace the end of time disasters the closer you get to a state of spiritual enlightenment.

So here goes with my first channeling thingy. Hope you like it.

Hate to say it but- Looks like we may need another war to get the global economy rolling again. These little skirmishes like Iraq and such are just not doing the job are they. The gloves have gotta come off on a global scale before we will get any kind of real growth.

Luckily Russia is back to cracking its knuckles and flexing its muscles again. They've obviously seen the light too.

I know. I know. We've been distracted haven't we? This global warming thing is a sort of a war but its simply not doing the job. It was a good idea at the time. Yeah. A war against the environment. That sounded good way of getting the economy kicked on. But it's just not quick enough. Nothing beats a good nuke in the morning does it?

Then I asked spirit who I was talking to:

My name?-----------------------------------

Doctor Strangelove

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