Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finding answers

I have the latest news. There is not one universe but infinite universes and they fit into a thing called a multiverse.

How simple is that? It answers everything. No more thinking required. Einstein would be turning in his grave.

Modern science boys have finally thrown up their hands and said- anything is possible. The problem is that this doesn't really help in understanding anything. It's like having a bag full of lollies and asking which one tastes the best and the answer is they all have the possibility of tasting better than the others.

So many answers come dressed in this sort of package. This is particularly so for those given by religious institutions. At least the Catholics were honest. They labeled everything as a blessed mystery instead of trying to give a lame answer. The use of blessed was to give it a holy spin and also saved them from using a swear word.

Here at Overthinking we have plenty to chew on now we have a multiverse to contend with.

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