Friday, December 19, 2008

What's Ya POV

You never understood me. How many times have we heard it leveled at us in discussion debate or argument?

It's as though we each know the others internal dialogue. There is no way this can happen of course yet we still hold the belief that there are people who understand us.

I have managed to finally convince myself that there is no-one who truly understands me. Fucking hell!! I don't understand me. There are those presumptuous few who hold they understand how I tick. Poor fools.

God! If anyone heard my internal dialogue they would run a mile.Fortunately everything is proof read before I let it out to the world.

I think we are born sane and die crazy. Newborns have it right. Best way to treat this life is to wail non-stop and sleep the rest of the time. It makes perfect sense when you really look at it.


I have been like one of those blowies that hangs around the dunny when it comes to shopping centres. I like the atmosphere of shops. It's a strange thing for a person who is such a faded hippy but I go with it. It's like going to the church of consumer for me. The congregation is that of the zombie. There is a fascinating glaze over people's eyes when they are in this reverant place. And they put on such a wonderful display. The women have all their faces prettily painted and the men put on all those wonderful advertising emblems and strut around with their chests out ( as do the women but they are breasts). Stomach in- chest out- eyes-------eyes--------well the eyes are glazed.

Christmas is the second highlight of the Christian calendar- Easter the other but cheaper. Christmas is the only highlight in the consumer calendar. It's all stops out and spend till you have nothing left and beyond into any borrowings you can get your hands on.

Are we fucking mad?

I think so.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Two faces of business

Case Study:

A business that offers a loving caring retreat for cancer sufferers and terminally ill people ( who are wealthy enough to afford it). It is non profit but staff do profit really because they receive a wage.

Customers are greeted with a warmth only possible for people who have paid a premium for such care. All smiles and caring and calmness wrapped up in a bundle of New Age love speak.

You're dying- we can help-learn to die now- go into a lovely quiet morgue- like room and remain silent for 2 weeks- we call this meditation. You're dying so you may as well start with what death will be like right now and get used to it. Why delay?

But, my dear reader, should you have read yesterday's post- if you work for these two- faced arseholes- well, caring is out the window. It's pound of flesh stuff. In fact pound of flesh is way too caring for them when it comes to the way they have treated a vulnerable and sincere person in my beautiful girlfriend. These arseholes have no mercy really- they are just actors on the stage and we are the idiots who they prey upon in our vulnerable moments. They are simply one of the last vultures to pick our bones whilst we are only just alive and right before we shuffle off this mortal coil.

They are experts at preying on the vulnerable- nothing more and one hopes they will answer for it someday.

Yep! I'm pissed off today- will return to be stupid and silly tomorrow.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

To improve function-hit it with a big stick

My poor girlfriend has just suffered severely vicious treatment at her work.
Her rabid boss behaved like a Rottweiler sniffing blood. She dismantled all morale in one heartless attack.

I reckon management is really not in touch with good psychological function in terms of the process of getting the most out of people.

Where's the logic in this managerial communication?--------

Oh Hi such -and- such.

It's time for your work evaluation.

We do it every year and we think it really helps our company keep up our amazingly high standards. If we can get the best out of all our members of staff we are on the road to yet another fantastic year in fact much better than the last year because your work was shit. I know we have tried to resolve all your problems and to be honest you are nevertheless such a basket case I am throwing your job open to tender at the end of your contract which can't come soon enough if you ask me. Now get back to work and do a better job till then right!

Wouldn't you really feel like doing a better job for this arsehole after this?

I know I would. I would be really eager to impress her with how good I could become. I would do this in the hope that I could go back and get another savaging sometime in the near future. Her professionalism really turns me on. Beat me I love it!

Mind you, in scenarios such as the above it helps being a masochist. We know that all bosses are sadists.

A bigots guide to tolerance

I don't know how people get so set.

I have a belief in God. But I am not so secure with it that I feel capable of ramming it down other people's throats. After all, they may be right in believing that there is no God and I may be wrong.

The problem is that if there is no God I am simply misguided; if there is a God then I have happy landings even after I die. For atheists they are the same on the first count but totally fucked on the second. Safer to believe I think.

Bless me God for I am a chicken! Not a bigot!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Diet or just die

My girlfriend spotted a guy who has written a diet out to halt the progression of Ankylosing Spondilitis. Now I know most people won't give a shit but I do because I have AS.

After I saw what he was suggesting in his diet I decided that the continued suffering was far better than submitting to it's bitter regime. I like to eat all foods- not just the tasteless ones that are so good for you and feel like you haven't eaten anything in the first place. Eating is a pleasure I wish to keep. Die happy!

Diet is the modern issue. Everyone is so precious. We live in an abundant world, for the time being at least. It can't go on forever. We think it can and we want to be here for the same duration. Forever!

What I can't endure are those precious wankers who can't have this and can't have that- you know the picky little fuckers- they are so anal and eat so sparsely yet ironically, nothing really comes out of their tight little anuses anyway.

Whilst on the subject- don't get me on those breathairians though. I reckon a bit of a nail in the head might sort out their crap. They are sneaky eaters is all. Lying little bastards.

Diets! See! They get me angry and I'm not even on one.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

James Who?

Well I went to see the latest Bond movie- don't know why, but I did.

All these movies are a total waste of time yet I line up. They are really not entertainment. I feel obliged to go for some unknown reason, Maybe it's a matter of saying that I am in with the in crowd by seeing it. Mind you, I've been doing this since the Sean Connery days- so can't stay with the in crowd forever- but I try.

The treatment of action sequences are different in this one in that they have taken their inspiration from Transformers. One never knows what's really happening in them but it is noisy and adrenaline pumping fare.

These movies are like chewing gum. Starts off flavoursome but loses it rapidly. We go back for the next offering to get that quick initial flavour that reliably fades every time.

Go see it. Don't believe me.

I don't remember a thing about it now- for all its style, realism and frantic action it was that vapid.

Watch for the pouting lips on James in the early stages however- it's really gay and was a very memorable moment in a sickening kind of way. James Bond Gay!!!! No!. Maybe he's been chewing the same gum as me.

Peace on Earth

It's coming up to the season when we are supposed to drop all the nasty thoughts and acts and to love our neighbor.

Easy! you say?

Well before I get onto that I will get onto this.

Do you suffer anxiety?

Do you think the World is coming to an end?

Do you have money worries?

Do you think your partner is two timing you?

Do you think you harbour some horrible and painful cancerous growth which is about to burst out?

Do you imagine yourself dying and get really scared?

Do you have all these worries?

Well, I do and it's natural.

But I have the solution to it all people!

It's a simple but effective way to look at this life and find peace from all the worrying chatter in our minds.

Here it is----------------------------------------- Stop giving a shit.

There you go. Practice it for a while until you get the hang of it and peace is yours.

So easy, isn't it?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008



They are remaking Halflife by the name of Black Mesa and have just released the trailer here.

Just when I thought I was cured.

It runs deep.