Monday, December 8, 2008

Diet or just die

My girlfriend spotted a guy who has written a diet out to halt the progression of Ankylosing Spondilitis. Now I know most people won't give a shit but I do because I have AS.

After I saw what he was suggesting in his diet I decided that the continued suffering was far better than submitting to it's bitter regime. I like to eat all foods- not just the tasteless ones that are so good for you and feel like you haven't eaten anything in the first place. Eating is a pleasure I wish to keep. Die happy!

Diet is the modern issue. Everyone is so precious. We live in an abundant world, for the time being at least. It can't go on forever. We think it can and we want to be here for the same duration. Forever!

What I can't endure are those precious wankers who can't have this and can't have that- you know the picky little fuckers- they are so anal and eat so sparsely yet ironically, nothing really comes out of their tight little anuses anyway.

Whilst on the subject- don't get me on those breathairians though. I reckon a bit of a nail in the head might sort out their crap. They are sneaky eaters is all. Lying little bastards.

Diets! See! They get me angry and I'm not even on one.

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