Saturday, December 6, 2008

James Who?

Well I went to see the latest Bond movie- don't know why, but I did.

All these movies are a total waste of time yet I line up. They are really not entertainment. I feel obliged to go for some unknown reason, Maybe it's a matter of saying that I am in with the in crowd by seeing it. Mind you, I've been doing this since the Sean Connery days- so can't stay with the in crowd forever- but I try.

The treatment of action sequences are different in this one in that they have taken their inspiration from Transformers. One never knows what's really happening in them but it is noisy and adrenaline pumping fare.

These movies are like chewing gum. Starts off flavoursome but loses it rapidly. We go back for the next offering to get that quick initial flavour that reliably fades every time.

Go see it. Don't believe me.

I don't remember a thing about it now- for all its style, realism and frantic action it was that vapid.

Watch for the pouting lips on James in the early stages however- it's really gay and was a very memorable moment in a sickening kind of way. James Bond Gay!!!! No!. Maybe he's been chewing the same gum as me.

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