Thursday, December 11, 2008

To improve function-hit it with a big stick

My poor girlfriend has just suffered severely vicious treatment at her work.
Her rabid boss behaved like a Rottweiler sniffing blood. She dismantled all morale in one heartless attack.

I reckon management is really not in touch with good psychological function in terms of the process of getting the most out of people.

Where's the logic in this managerial communication?--------

Oh Hi such -and- such.

It's time for your work evaluation.

We do it every year and we think it really helps our company keep up our amazingly high standards. If we can get the best out of all our members of staff we are on the road to yet another fantastic year in fact much better than the last year because your work was shit. I know we have tried to resolve all your problems and to be honest you are nevertheless such a basket case I am throwing your job open to tender at the end of your contract which can't come soon enough if you ask me. Now get back to work and do a better job till then right!

Wouldn't you really feel like doing a better job for this arsehole after this?

I know I would. I would be really eager to impress her with how good I could become. I would do this in the hope that I could go back and get another savaging sometime in the near future. Her professionalism really turns me on. Beat me I love it!

Mind you, in scenarios such as the above it helps being a masochist. We know that all bosses are sadists.

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