Friday, December 12, 2008

Two faces of business

Case Study:

A business that offers a loving caring retreat for cancer sufferers and terminally ill people ( who are wealthy enough to afford it). It is non profit but staff do profit really because they receive a wage.

Customers are greeted with a warmth only possible for people who have paid a premium for such care. All smiles and caring and calmness wrapped up in a bundle of New Age love speak.

You're dying- we can help-learn to die now- go into a lovely quiet morgue- like room and remain silent for 2 weeks- we call this meditation. You're dying so you may as well start with what death will be like right now and get used to it. Why delay?

But, my dear reader, should you have read yesterday's post- if you work for these two- faced arseholes- well, caring is out the window. It's pound of flesh stuff. In fact pound of flesh is way too caring for them when it comes to the way they have treated a vulnerable and sincere person in my beautiful girlfriend. These arseholes have no mercy really- they are just actors on the stage and we are the idiots who they prey upon in our vulnerable moments. They are simply one of the last vultures to pick our bones whilst we are only just alive and right before we shuffle off this mortal coil.

They are experts at preying on the vulnerable- nothing more and one hopes they will answer for it someday.

Yep! I'm pissed off today- will return to be stupid and silly tomorrow.

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