Friday, December 19, 2008

What's Ya POV

You never understood me. How many times have we heard it leveled at us in discussion debate or argument?

It's as though we each know the others internal dialogue. There is no way this can happen of course yet we still hold the belief that there are people who understand us.

I have managed to finally convince myself that there is no-one who truly understands me. Fucking hell!! I don't understand me. There are those presumptuous few who hold they understand how I tick. Poor fools.

God! If anyone heard my internal dialogue they would run a mile.Fortunately everything is proof read before I let it out to the world.

I think we are born sane and die crazy. Newborns have it right. Best way to treat this life is to wail non-stop and sleep the rest of the time. It makes perfect sense when you really look at it.

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