Friday, December 19, 2008


I have been like one of those blowies that hangs around the dunny when it comes to shopping centres. I like the atmosphere of shops. It's a strange thing for a person who is such a faded hippy but I go with it. It's like going to the church of consumer for me. The congregation is that of the zombie. There is a fascinating glaze over people's eyes when they are in this reverant place. And they put on such a wonderful display. The women have all their faces prettily painted and the men put on all those wonderful advertising emblems and strut around with their chests out ( as do the women but they are breasts). Stomach in- chest out- eyes-------eyes--------well the eyes are glazed.

Christmas is the second highlight of the Christian calendar- Easter the other but cheaper. Christmas is the only highlight in the consumer calendar. It's all stops out and spend till you have nothing left and beyond into any borrowings you can get your hands on.

Are we fucking mad?

I think so.

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