Thursday, January 8, 2009

This blog has matured

Guess what? I've finished with over thinking. I finally found a little something to sink my teeth into; something to really think about; that is worthwhile enough to spend time thinking about. I can even do the dishes and think about it which makes it perfect for me whilst I live my little life.

I will give you a hint what it is: some poor overthinking individuals wear a red string on their left wrist because they thought about it and it seemed to make sense to do that silly thing. Well I won't be wearing a red string but I will be busy for a while with this one.

So my dear friends, all one of you, it's me signing off on overthought in overthinking. The joke has finally worn off and it's off to more serious matters ----- for a while anyway.

I will leave it up for a while- so no-one suffers withdrawals.

Bye bye.