Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Age of Speed and distraction

Vince Poscente has just released his book of the title The Age of Speed.Tips on getting more done with the time you have. Here is an article about it. Anyway I haven't got time to go into this because I want to go on to more important things.

It just occurred to me that the reason my blog is drawing blank response is that it is beyond everyone's understanding. Like when I wrote about us being like holograms in last night's post--no-one knows what a hologram is. So here is what a hologram is:A hologram is a picture that changes when looked at from different angles. This is what our old partners are and this is what we end up looking like to them. Get it?

See I was making sense.

And another reason there is never any response to anything I write here is because what I write about is totally unimportant to anyone but me. It's lucky I'm interested in me or no-one would read my writings.

what do people read about? Pop culture mainly.

They must be sold on what they read first.

It must appear on the other media - TV-magazines- etc etc.

No-one seeks knowledge from the written word of little people. There must be a heightened sense to the importance of the subject first. This is why people like Paris Hilton have far more attention than they deserve. Her observations on life are extremely shallow but have a huge following nevertheless. As do most every celebrity. This world is exploited by those who understand that the population comprises of masses of shallow thinkers. These people pander to the shallowness of the majority of the population and it works well in raising them above such masses.

For the serious population and when I say serious I mean intellectual snobs- anything they read must come from a qualified person ( meaning brainwashed credential exhibitor). I am to all intent and purpose, uneducated and don't possess a bit of paper stating my intellectual brilliance. Even humour must be cleverly quirky- odd in fact. Mundane humour as I write is not to the taste of the highbrow that's for sure. They are too smart to get it.

So I stick with trying to appeal to the masses. So I really try to be shallow. But that in itself is the problem. The fact that I have to try alerts people that I am a fake. And people have a nose for the truth. They want to relate to truly shallow people just like themselves.

Holograms are fake and forever changing depending on how you look at them. Now I know I am a hologram but apparently everyone else isn't. This is getting worse. And here's the real reason no-one looks at my writings- The writer is lost so how can he expect anyone to follow him? God I can't even follow myself sometimes.

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