Friday, March 13, 2009

Back due to popular demand

Oh yeah-- right!

Anywho-- I'm back. Got some more rubbish to empty on a disinterested world. Read on .

The day started on a really decisive note. I think that I was inspired by my cat. He chased off a black cat first thing this morning. I was very impressed. I think it is time I chased off some black cats of my own.

When you're a thinking addict such as I am you may find yourself sucked in to various thought provoking movements. This was what happened to me recently when I signed off here and said I was going to be too busy studying the Kabbalah to have any spare time for this blog. Well that would have been true had I not realized that I had been sucked in to yet another fruitless time wasting thought addicting process. Hell, we can waste time if we don't watch ourselves. Mind you, in my opinion, most everything we do or say can in some way be considered a waste of time. That's really all we do. We come into this world with the purpose of wasting time. Time is what this reality is about. It doesn't exist anywhere else but in this reality. Man, that's deep isn't it? See what a couple of months break can do? I must have ingested some more crap from some book or website I browsed over that time.


So team. I'm back!! Did you miss me?

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