Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Being magic can be tough!

I thought I was pretty much a bottom feeder for most of the last 30 years. When you're an artist and you are fairly average at art, well there's really only one way to go----down. I mean this in the most charitable way to myself. I'm really not that bad- I have lived off art for many years. It took me some 24 years to develop these negative feelings about myself but I was given some excellent and skilled help in this. I married a "loser amplifier" and was stupid enough to keep it that way for 24 years. Amazing what a pretty face will do to a bloke.

Anyway that's just a sour grapes bit of writing . Now here's the meat of this enlightening piece. Here's the thing that split my wife and I up in the end- she took up an addiction to an intoxicant called Ramtha the enlightened one and got very strange. This thing is the affliction of some American woman called J Z Knight . She reckons she has this 35000 year old male warrior moving in and taking over her brain from time to time- but only when the public show is on. He's such a caring warrior and well mannered, which is odd for a warrior you know, that he pisses off when he's done sprouting his bullshit outta her mouth. The poor woman! She must feel such a fool. Luckily she has managed to make a bit of money out of it so I guess things aren't all that bad for her. So my poor ex believes all this stuff. Good enough I suppose. We all gotta believe in something.

I tell you I believe. I believe !!!! I beliieeeeeeeve. Hallelujah!

Anyway I've got that off my chest. I'll get back to the dishes now. I believe there are some in need of washing.

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